Scissors Paper Stone

If you can decide life by playing scissors paper stone

Thank you

by munzii


I’ve been feeling so unmotivated at work lately, with pending deadlines and piles of work. Thankful to have this man here supporting me and being my pillar of strength.




SWOT analysis

by munzii

Just had a chat with the man and he always inspires me to be a better and smarter person, however, I’m just too damn lazy.

Putting this down so that I’ll hopefully get into doing the SWOT analysis on myself someday.



by munzii


circa 2008

E-I-G-H-T years ago!!! I was scrolling through my wordpress and so glad I document moments down, looking back on some of the posts gave me so many different emotions.

How would a tender age of 18 know what’s there in store for her down the road? Growing up sure is a weird yet amazing journey, and there’s still a long long way to go.

I remembered at age 18, most of my stress is about completing assignments, exams and attachments, i was probably suffering from some identity crisis at that point of time trying to figure out who I am.

The carefree times where I would meet my friends so very often, having lots of laughter and doing stupid things together, without a care in the world.

Fast forward 8 years…


I have a stable career, a job that I love. A family with new additions (nieces and nephews, brother in laws, my husband), same friends (with a few that left because I’ve not held tight enough).

Are there anything that I would change if i could turn back time?

Does it matter?

by munzii

Back to my roots.

I feel so comfortable typing here.

It’s the 1st day of June 2016!! Hope everyone is doing well!! IMG_2874

Exactly a month ago, I exchanged vows with the man and everything still feels quite surreal actually.

Someone asked me how it feels being married, to be honest, there isn’t any much difference, probably also because I’ve been living with him prior to our marriage but there are definitely differences just that I could not find the word to describe it. A little bit of sweetness and completeness are some words I can think of now.

I was just thinking through from the time we met till now, frankly speaking, it hasn’t been long, we are only together for about 1y10months till date, i learnt from being a girlfriend (since I’ve never been anyone’s before) to learning to be a wife. Looking back, I definitely gave up/compromised a lot of things. I’m glad that the same people are still in my life now. Thank you for loving me, sorry for my ignorance. I’m gonna do better!!





I said “YES”

by munzii

 Thank you! I’m the most blessed girl in the world. The place, moment, music was right , it totally caught me off guard. I just remembered my tears of joy kept flowing. Thank you ❤️❤️

First appointment 

by munzii

Signed 😊😊




by munzii

The man typing away on his laptop and mumbling to himself something about work and stuff he needs to do.

Closes his laptop and go into the washroom; before he stepped into it, he paused and said, “don’t forget something!” 

Me:”forget what?”

Him: “don’t forget that I love you” 


by munzii

Random drawing, calligraphy is the trend now. Lol thinking of incorporating this into the diy. Already bought two canvas board, but yet to buy brushes, pens and watercolour paint. 

March on strong 

by munzii

What engine does 2016 uses? It’s moving ultrasonic fast !!

The countdown

by munzii

Decided to download the countdown app because I really have no sense of urgency. *gasps* it’s 95 days to the shoot. 

Got my gown settled, 2nd outfit is already in the making. Shoes checked. 

What needs to be done 

– accessories 

– vow book

I was asking the man how many words shall we set for the vow. He said 3 words will do. So I said then my vow book will be real tiny. Guess what he said next, 

“Just get post it.”

😂😂😂😂😂😂 my man sure has a certain sense of humour. Lol